Monday’s Missive: Army seeks input of infantrymen on women in combat arms positions

TRADOC seeks infantry input on women in combat

Training and Doctrine Command is asking infantrymen on their opinions of women being allowed in combat arms military occupational specialties. These positions are currently closed to women. The Army sent out the 120-question survey in October asking infantrymen if they think women are capable. The first of some combat arms positions are scheduled for July 2014.

2 years after US military departure, Iraq asking for new help to battle al-Qaida

Iraq is asking for American help in the form of weapons, manpower and training in the fight against a recent al-Qaida resurgence. The Iraqi Prime Minister and US President Barack Obama will discuss the request at the White House. In 2011, the US withdrew almost all of its troops after Baghdad refused a security renewal.

Navy christens new attack submarine North Dakota

The U.S. Navy christened its newest attack submarine, North Dakota, on Nov. 2 in Connecticut. The christening was on the same day as North Dakota’s 124th statehood anniversary.  The submarine can carry out surveillance over sea and land, launch cruise missiles, and carry special forces.

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